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Most people, especially sports fanatics love to bet, whether it used to be with your friends or nowadays online betting on football & other sports.

  • Almost everyone is doing it these days, especially since it became legal, many punters have joined lawyers, garbage collectors, brokers and athletes.
  • If you want to bet safely and legally over the internet there are many alternatives as shown above, if you want to gamble safely and legally online it is important to look at all the options first, it is best to do that at online bookmakers and betting sites with a permit.

This license is valid for all our online bookmakers, so you can place bets with peace of mind.

How and where can you make an online bet?

You can make an online bet through the best online bookmakers – where you can safely place a bet with real money. You can now bet online on practically all smaller and larger professional sporting events.

Make an odds and you can start betting online

At about 1.0, you make an online bet at a certain price – the amount of money you get back if you win the bet is determined by this. The lower the price (closer to 1) the bigger your winnings and the more likely you are to win the bet.

The payouts are bigger at higher risk (lower prices)

There is also a risk that a team you originally bet on will lose and not win, in which case your winnings will be significantly lower. For example, if you bet on Willem II to win the Eredivisie championship, you can expect to earn tens or hundreds of times your original stake.

Online sports betting

Online sports betting is one of the most versatile sectors in the gambling world – you can choose from dozens of sports to place online bets on. Popular sports such as football are wagered for billions of euros worldwide every week – it has therefore become a huge industry.

Small bet, but good bets

With a stake of $10, for example, you can win tens of thousands of dollars in multiplier bets (several bets in one). You will discover the best betting sites on our site where you can bet safely and reliably on all global professional sports events.


The first thing you need to bet online are bookmakers. A bookmaker is a company that takes bets on certain outcomes of events.

  1. For example, you can bet that Team A will win a match against Team B.
  2. If your prediction is correct, the bookmaker will pay you the amount you wagered. If the prediction is not correct, the bookmaker will keep your money.

What are the best bookmarkers for online betting?

At the moment there are already quite a lot of bookmakers available on the market, so you sometimes don't see the wood for the trees. We have selected the best bookmakers where you are welcome as a European customer.

These are assessed on a number of criteria:

  • Bets Offered
  • Welcome bonus for new players
  • Free Bets
  • Promotions
  • Safety & Reliability

How does online betting work?

While the basics of betting with friends remain the same, online betting is more complicated. While it may be tempting to believe that everything about online gambling is exactly the same as offline gambling, this is not always the case. There are many layers and concepts to consider:

  • Quote/odds
  • Bet/stake

Betting odds/odds

The odds (odds) show two things: first, how confident the bookmakers are that a team will win – the lower the odds, the higher the odds.

  • The odds start from x 1.01 which means that if you bet €100 you get €101 back – set the odds are x 3.75 then you will receive x 3.75 your bet back so at €100 bet you receive €375.

The odds of a team winning the bet are immediately revealed by the odds. The smaller the chances of a team winning, the more money you can earn.

Let's make it clear once again:

  • The lower the odds, the greater the bookmaker believes it will happen and the lower the potential profit.
  • The higher the odds, the smaller the bookmaker thinks it will happen and the higher the potential profit.

Bet/stake on bet

The stake is the amount you want to play with – in other words, your bet. This is called your stake or stakes in English. The more you bet, the more money you can win or lose; always be careful not to risk money you don't have.

Which bets can you make?

Let's take a look at what bets we can use our bets and quotes for now that we've got an understanding of what they are. There are a plethora of sports to bet on online, and each of them has its own set of unique bets. We have chosen the most important things:

  • We'll explain it through a number of sections – these sections contain multiple bets that are similar and 'belong' together.
  • What we always do when we place bets online is first to see what we think it will be – how they will win and how many goals/points that will happen. After this, when we have a picture of this, we look for the bets.

Bet on the result

The most frequently placed bets, and the easiest to understand, are calls. You place a bet on which team you think will win (or not). A tie is conceivable in some sports, such as football, basketball or field hockey; but in other sports, such as tennis or cycling or Formula 1, a draw is almost never or never possible. If there is a tie, you will usually get your bet back (often referred to as a 'push').

The 1×2 bet is the most popular

The most common type of call is the '1X2' bet where you predict whether team A or team B will win or tie. This bet is also often called the '

  • Bet on winnings
  • Bet on a tie

You can bet on different elements of the result

There are several options for betting online on results – you can bet on a tournament win, a half, or an entire match or even bet on who will win the Eredivisie. For example, in tennis you can even bet on who will win a set and in boxing who will win certain rounds.

  • Bet on winning game/match
  • Bet on winning half/quarter/sets/rounds
  • Bet on winning tournament/competition

Is it true that a certain football team is strong in the first half, but weaker in the second? It is wise to bet that they will win the first half – after all, what happens in the second half is no longer relevant.

Bet on how the athlete or person will win

The preferred payouts for this bet are 150,000 and 500,000. The underdog pays out 30% on a win and 70% on a loss. It is most common to place a bet on martial arts such as the UFC.

  • Bet on a knockout win
  • Bet on winnings via points
  • Bet on winning submission
  • Bet on technical knockout win

In other sports, such as tennis, football and basketball, this bet has little meaning; you can only bet on who will score (tennis), but not whether it will be via a field goal, corner or free kick.

Bet based on the number of goals or points

There are different forms of betting when betting on the number of goals or points – as an example, because this sport is the most practiced and almost everyone knows how to play it.

  • Bet on the exact number of goals (exact score)
  • Betting on whether more or less goals will be scored (over/under bet)
  • Bet on who will score and which goals
  • Bet in which half will be scored
  • Bet on the exact score progression

In other sports, such as tennis, you can bet on things like the number of sets that will be contested – each sport has its own variant of this bet.

Betting with proposition bets

Prop bets are bets that depend on the outcome of an action or event. For example, if someone asks if a player will score in a football game and you are sure of your answer, you could place a bet on that.

These bets are also known as proposition bets “prop bets”, we will use football as an example and we will list some prop bets for you:

  • Bet on the number of yellow cards
  • Bet on the number of corners
  • Betting on who will take the next throw-in (live betting)
  • Betting who will take the next corner (live betting)

Bets on the outcome of a sporting event are the most common kind, and they are easy to spot because they have nothing to do with the final outcome. They can influence it, but do not influence the conclusion.

What should you pay attention to when you start betting online?

We've come a long way since our first chapter, and now that we know the words used in online betting and the alternatives available to you when it comes to online betting, let's take it a step further. We'll look at what to look for once you start betting online – there are a few pitfalls we can help you avoid

Are you going to bet online as a hobby or professionally?

For starters, you need to determine whether you want to pursue a career as a professional sports bettor or simply bet for fun. If you wish to become a professional punter, you need to be aware of many additional factors than if you just make occasional bets for fun.

Manage money to make online betting successful

One of the most important things is bankroll management – this is an English term for the money you want to gamble with online and how to manage it. This term is often used not only in online sports betting, but also in, for example, poker or online investing.

The bottom line is that you never put all your money on one bet, but instead put only a certain percentage of your “bankroll,” so that if you have a few mishaps, you still have enough money left to make up for it.

Bet on sports, use the stat

Statistics are crucial in online sports betting, and bookmakers use them to generate odds and odds calculations. If you are better at interpreting statistics in addition to having a deep knowledge of certain sports, you can consistently beat the bookmakers and get rich.

Doing an analysis for your bet can be essential

In every sport there are several important stats to look at, we take football as an example and especially goalscorers.

  • First, look at which players score the most goals, choose them and zoom in on the details.
  • Do they often score in the first or second half? Do they only score in home games or also in away matches? Do they score from corners, free kicks or field goals? Which player has provided the most assists?

Online betting tips for beginners

It's hard to say which bet is the winning one, but in the end that's exactly what everyone wants. With such incredible offers, it's no surprise that they're all looking for the perfect gold nugget. Therefore, it is better to start by choosing your own bets and improving your skills.

The most crucial advice we can give is to learn how to place winning bets on your own. However, there are methods that can help you in online betting by forcing you to place a variety of bets so that you can quickly memorize them.

Here are a few useful practical tips:

  • In football, bet on both teams to score – that is often more profitable than the 1×2 bet.
  • When betting on Formula 1 often the one who starts pole position wins less than half of the races.
  • Tennis betting – playing a 5 set game greatly affects the performance in the next match (if tournament is).
  • When betting live, always make sure that your live stream is not lagging behind.
  • Always check when you place your bet that you are not placing a 0 too much or too little.

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