Read this comprehensive guide on how to bet on football with Bitcoin. Check out the best BTC football betting websites and try to predict the results of the matches!

Football is extremely popular all over the world as it is the unquestioned number one sport for many countries with an annual turnover of at least 10 billion dollars. Of course, football betting is already known to the general public, but in recent years Bitcoin football betting has also become popular due to the strong rise of crypto. But how does this work? And where can I bet on football with cryptocurrency?

Can you bet on football with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is now possible to make football bets with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. To get you started, we've put together a list of the best Bitcoin football betting sites here.

  • In addition, we will discuss all the important aspects that you need to look at if you want to find a football betting provider with crypto.
  • One thing is for sure, there is quite a wide range available with great odds, bonuses and the possibility of live betting, these brands guarantee players maximum convenience. Don't wait too long – register and start placing bets now!

List of the best football betting sites with Crypto:

Football is not the most popular betting option for gamblers in the United States, but the situation is completely different in Europe. This is of course also the case the other way around, because in some countries sports such as basketball, cycling and tennis are much more popular.

What are the advantages of betting on football with BTC?

When it comes to betting with Bitcoin on football, there are several advantages. With crypto betting on football, players can get more privacy and lower commission fees. Transactions are completed quickly. Due to its volatility, crypto allows you to maximize your profits.

Well, now that we have insight into the benefits, we can look further. In order to place a bet, you need a bookmaker who will place your bet. So it is important that you choose one that accepts cryptocurrency.

Different ways to bet on football with crypto

Betting on football is quite popular. This sport is characterized by a rather complex set of rules, which are often much more difficult to understand than one might think. However, in order to bet on football successfully, some time must be spent on rules and the basics, as there are quite a few events that can happen during a match, but some are more popular to bet on than others.

Football bet with Crypto on outcome

This is the most popular betting option for players. Betting on the outcome of a match, championship or tournament has traditionally been one of the first BTC football bets to become available. Of course there are many factors that you can take into account here, for example:

  1. Injuries to transfers, everything plays a role in estimating chances
  2. If a team loses its key player, the odds can be turned upside down.
  3. On the other hand, if a certain team buys a good player, it can change the way the team plays.

Football Bet with Bitcoin on Handicap

Betting on a handicap means equalizing the odds of an outsider and a favourite. In digital currency football betting, many matches end with a difference of three or seven points. This is taken into account when taking handicap bets.

  • If you're confident that a favorite team will win by a large margin, then this opportunity is indeed something to watch out for. In general, compared to traditional win, the chances of handicap are higher as you predict that one of the teams will have a distinct advantage which will also result in the overall score.
  • Handicaps give more excitement and chances of big wins. You can also place a handicap bet on a weaker team, if the latter will not lose by a large margin. However, this bet requires a thorough analysis of both teams and their recent results.

Football bet with BTC on quarters or halves

Betting on quarters and halves encompasses almost all types of bets. And if you bet on football with Bitcoin in this case, you won't have to wait long for the results of the bet.

  1. Football is very similar to basketball in terms of quarters and halves. There are two halves in the game which is itself divided into two quarters. The playing time of each 15 minutes is 15 minutes, which means that the total time for a single match is 1 hour.
  2. Different quarters are very different from each other. Where in the first quarter teams may not score many goals, in the last quarter everything is different or vice versa.
  3. You can choose a particular quarter and focus completely on it. In addition, you can choose the first or second half and bet based on that. It is profitable and you can see results quickly.

Important Factors in Football BTC Betting

Before you start placing BTC bets on football, you need to select a crypto football betting site. The incredible popularity of football championships ensures the presence of quite interesting offers from bookmakers.

  • Fans can not only bet on the winner or the total, but also choose more interesting events, for example, naming the champion of the season or the winners of conferences.
  • There are several factors that every player should consider before choosing a good crypto sportsbook. The first is undoubtedly the reliability and fairness of opportunities. Also, the choice of leagues and different betting options is necessary.

See if the bookmaker is placing fair & safe football bets

Thanks to the prevalence of Bitcoins for online gambling, the concept of arguably fair games has become more widely known. To be clear, a fair game is a game that uses cryptographic algorithms to ensure that the game's host or other players do not moderate the outcome of the game after it has started. It is a concept that is widely used in casino games, but has a different understanding when it comes to football betting sites using Bitcoin.

  1. First, when we talk about provably fair odds with bookmakers, it means that the odds on offer are fair and open. They are not far from the standard odds and guarantee equal opportunities for all players to win.
  2. At the same time, a BTC bookmaker has to make sure that in case of winnings, withdrawals are fast and the funds appear in a customer's account quickly and without complications.

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