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Since its appearance in 2015, Ethereum has been considered a challenger to Bitcoin, and with the development of the online gambling industry, Ethereum betting has become a popular option for players. It is one of the most popular cryptos in the world and is widely used for gambling. Known for its speed, transactions with Ethereum are much faster than traditional currencies and Bitcoin.

Where can you bet on sports with Ethereum?

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of the best Ethereum gambling sites that turned out to be some of the best names in the online gambling industry. They offer different sports, bonuses and decent odds. Don't delay – check out the websites below and start betting!

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open blockchain platform. As with Bitcoin, there is no central authority that controls or owns Ethereum. Ethereum is more versatile. Creating new apps on the Ethereum platform is easy.

  • Ethereum is an ideal platform for gambling because it has smart contracts that can operate in a decentralized way and not interact with people. One of the simplest things about blockchain is that thanks to a suburban system that exists between all acceptable parties.
  • A gambling website can create apps that interact with the Ethereum network and create a smart contract where users can play smart contracts against each other. Ethereum live betting is also an option for players.
  • Ethereum is also a blockchain network, and for some, gambling with any coin based on that network qualifies as Ethereum gambling.

Difference Between Normal Bets and Ethereum Sports Betting

If we compare Ethereum betting with traditional betting, there are no significant differences except that the former players use crypto for betting. As for Bitcoin, it still maintains the status of the world's best cryptocurrency and for Ethereum it is currently very difficult to change the status quo.

  • Almost every sport you see on traditional websites is also available for Ethereum betting. From football to less popular sports – you can bet on it and make decent profits.
  • As is the case with Bitcoin, Ethereum is also a volatile currency, which increases the chances of making more money.

Benefits of betting Ethereum for sports betting

Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that allows you to build and run your applications. This is the first system to introduce smart contracts. The Ethereum network has all the major advantages that conventional blockchains have, but it also has its quirks. Let's discuss the main advantages of Ethereum gambling.

Fast transactions

When people are dealing with fiat money, this process usually takes a long time. Withdrawals are associated with commission fees, a bank has to verify the transaction and in some cases it takes a few business days.

  • Users may get annoyed, as they want immediate access to winnings. Ethereum sports betting sites guarantee instant transactions. Sometimes even deposits can become problematic. Depending on your location, it may take a few business days for the transferred funds to appear in your account.
  • With Ethereum and cryptocurrencies in general, this barrier has been removed. It doesn't matter where you live or transact on non-working days – everything is more convenient. There is no intermediary or third party that would authorize the transaction.
  • Everything is stored on a blockchain network. Rarely, transactions take longer than an hour, and speaking of Ethereum, this process is even faster – it only takes a few seconds.

Withdrawing money or winnings after betting on sports with ETH is easy and cheap

Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum is significantly faster. While in the former the process could take minutes, in Ethereum they run quickly – in seconds. The Ethereum 1.0 network can support 30 transactions per second, while the Ethereum 2.0 network is said to support 100,000 transactions per second – making this cryptocurrency the fastest in the world and useful for sports betting with eth. In some cases, commission fees can be higher compared to Bitcoin.

There is a huge blockchain network available for ETH transactions

Ethereum is a blockchain network on which many coins are based. If a casino supports ETH, they will likely support other coins on this network. However, this is not always true.

  • In many cases when we talk about a gambling site that supports cryptocurrencies, Ethereum will always be available. Due to its reputation, wide network, the cryptocurrency is quickly gaining a foothold in the crypto gambling industry.
  • Ethereum offers the ability to run code in a distributed system that cannot exert any outside influence. Such programs are added to the Ethereum database (i.e. in the blockchain) and can be edited in such a way that the code cannot be changed in any way.
  • It basically means that the network database is visible to everyone so that users can check the desired code before interacting with it. It is especially good for Ethereum sports betting.

More interestingly, because the network's native currency unit – ether – saves its value, such applications can place a special order for the exchange of internal money. They are known as smart contract programs. In most cases, they can function peacefully without human intervention.

How to choose the right sports betting bookmaker with ETH?

Choosing a good Ethereum betting site sometimes becomes a difficult task, especially for beginners. Since crypto gambling is still in the development process, it is necessary to look at several details.

  • First of all, the gambling site must be properly licensed. Usually such licenses are issued by the Gaming Authority of Curaçao – known for its high reputation in the iGaming industry. Second, the number of games and bonuses is important.
  • If Ethereum sports betting sites don't pay attention to promotions, they will quickly lose customers. Another important aspect are demonstrably fair games, which guarantee the fairness of a brand.

Look at the reputation and fairness of games and betting

People often question the fairness of games and betting, but blockchain as a whole can put an end to the typical opacity for them. Demonstrably fair means that the outcome of games such as slots, roulette, poker can be checked and verified. However, keep in mind that even arguably fair games remain games, and so they should be approached with responsibility and caution.

  1. However, gambling is probably fair in a very different way. A gambling site must ensure that the odds offered are fair and follow the general standards.
  2. They should not be too high and not too low. Also, the bookmaker must ensure that winning funds can be withdrawn at any time without complications. Otherwise it will only negatively affect the reputation of the bookmaker.
  3. Sports betting with Ethereum eliminates all the threats players could come up with. The system is secure and it is practically impossible to hack your account unless you share it with someone.

There are tons of bonuses available for sports betting with Ethereum

Bonuses are crucial for any gambling site. Without a strong promotion policy it is impossible to attract new customers and keep the old ones. Therefore, a bookmaker should always strive to update a list of bonuses regularly.

  1. Ethereum gambling websites have numerous bonuses. Usually these bonuses include extra money for the first deposit and sometimes for subsequent deposits as well. In sports betting, players can also be offered free bets and cashback.
  2. A free bet is a form of money where a player uses the given money from the bookmaker to make predictions. He or she has nothing to lose and in case of profit, the money can be withdrawn if the requirements are met.

As for cashback on the best Ethereum betting site, it includes a percentage of the money awarded to a customer in the event of the lost position. Such bonuses are individual to each gambling site and are subject to change.

What sports and options are available to bet with Ethereum?

There are many kinds of sports in the world. From the most popular football to the less popular, a bookmaker must ensure that the options offered vary. A sign of a good betting site is the number of sports it offers to customers.

  • eSports is another extremely popular discipline that has been growing rapidly in recent years. It shows no signs of slowing down and on Ethereum sites they should also be available for betting.
  • The number of sports is not the only criterion to pay attention to. Sports may be present on a bookmaker's website, but often competitions are limited. In addition to the top 5 European leagues, players should have more freedom to choose a league they want to bet on.

Often there is a VIP or loyalty program available at bookmakers

Players with special status on online gambling sites are also known as VIP players. As part of the standard loyalty program, welcome packs are often issued for new customers, free spins, bonuses for the first and subsequent deposits, cashback. But the VIPs are in a more advanced position. They gain benefits that are not available to regular players.

  • The first are loyal bets with reduced odds of winning bonuses. Increased cashback is also an opportunity, which is the amount returned to a player.
  • Access to private information is also important. It contains alerts for future promotions, draws and tournaments with large prize pools. Transactions are also speeded up and high limits are put in place for deposits and withdrawals from the account.

VIP players are assigned personal managers on Ethereum gambling sites. If they have problems, these managers can solve problems in no time. So betting sites try to come up with original VIP programs to reward the most loyal players.

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