Since the inception of cryptocurrencies in the internet casino scene almost a decade ago, the number of Bitcoin casinos has been steadily increasing. And just as cryptocurrencies have introduced new security measures and technologies, gambling companies are making similar adjustments. It is an ideal time for any player to try Bitcoin gambling. The technical gimmicks and complicated terminology surrounding Bitcoin deposits can baffle even the most experienced gamblers. In this article we show that the idea behind it is actually simple. This guide will show you how to deposit at a Bitcoin casino in a few simple and straightforward steps.

Deposit Bitcoin into your wallet to deposit money at a Crypto Casino

Thus, we can summarize the whole procedure of placing Bitcoin wagers at a Bitcoin casino in three words:

  • Create a crypto/Bitcoin wallet account
  • Bitcoins transfer to your crypto wallet
  • Open an account at the Bitcoin casino
  • Deposit your bankroll from your Bitcoin wallet.

1. Create a Bitcoin wallet to receive and send money

The first step, which is undoubtedly the most difficult, is to create a crypto wallet. It is not nearly as difficult as you may think to set up a crypto/Bitcoin wallet. A crypto/Bitcoin wallet is an online repository where you can buy or sell Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.

There are different types of wallets on the market

There are many digital wallets on the market, but we recommend using Coinbase or They are both reliable and trusted in the online community. When creating a Bitcoin wallet with both services, all you need is an email address and you can start buying, selling and transferring your Bitcoin money. We focus on online Bitcoin deposits such as web wallets and software wallets because they are easy to use and offer strong security.

web wallet

A web wallet uses the resources of wallet companies like Coinbase to provide encryption protocols and payment systems. You just need to login with your email address to make a casino deposit in a Bitcoin wallet. 

Software wallet

A software wallet is an app that you download on your computer; you then create an account and make Bitcoin purchases from there. These are more secure than web wallets as you control all private data.

Once you have decided which Bitcoin wallet to use, opening your crypto wallet is as easy as creating an account. Before you can make a Bitcoin deposit at the casino, you need to fund your wallet by converting your fiat money into Bitcoins.

2. Place the desired funds in your Bitcoin wallet

When you open your wallet account, it's time to deposit money into it. This can seem intimidating as the price of one bitcoin rose to $ 68,000 by the end of 2021, with constant critical swings. Fortunately, you don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin; focus instead on buying fractional amounts like 0.001 BTC.

  1. It is also best to check if you can buy Bitcoins directly from your friends, family or people you know to avoid expensive transaction fees.
  2. Before making a casino deposit with Bitcoin, you must use fiat currencies such as the US dollar to buy BTC.
  3. You can transfer Bitcoins through many major online cryptocurrency exchange services which are much more secure than some Bitcoin merchant sites. Another popular option is to use local Bitcon ATMs.

The receiving and shipping address for your wallet

Your Bitcoin wallet contains two keys: a receiving address and a shipping address. A receiving address is a publicly visible string of letters and numbers that you make available to others so that they can pay you Bitcoin. The private key used to send tokens to other people, such as Bitcoin casinos, is located in the sending address.

3. Create a Casino account and see where to deposit

The only thing standing in your way of making a casino online deposit with Bitcoin is your knowledge of Bitcoin. Now it's time to create an account at a Bitcoin casino by clicking the sign up button on their website. To join a casino, go to the signup page and fill in the required information, including your email address.

The following is a list of the most common data Bitcoin casinos look for. In contrast, some casinos may ask for more sensitive information, such as your name and address. Make sure to enter the correct email address as you will need to click on the casino verification link. You can use your account verification to deposit or withdraw Bitcoins.

4. Start the deposit process as soon as you receive the addresses

For payments, your Bitcoin casino has shipping and receiving addresses, just like your wallet. Always research Bitcoin casino banking choices (such as FortuneJack) before making a selection to ensure all your options are covered.

Click on the deposit, cashier or bank button after creating an account. The minimum amount you can contribute in cryptocurrency or fiat currency is shown here. You will also see the receiving address of the casino. This can be a series of letters and numbers or a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone.

5.Choose the amount you want to deposit and add the receiving address

Select the amount you want to deposit and enter the casino receiving address or scan the QR code when you get a transaction notification in your cryptocurrency wallet. When this money arrives in your casino account, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Then you are ready to play casino games.

Bitcoin exchanges do not support cryptocurrency transfers for gambling

Please note that online gambling crypto transfers are not supported by Bitcoin exchanges; this may result in your account being banned. Some services, such as Coinbase, allow you to purchase Bitbook Gambling cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Also note that in some countries it is required to report Bitcoin gaming earnings before taxes.


As you can see, depositing at cryptocurrency casinos is accessible and simple. We recommend using online US dollar to Bitcoin converters when making a minimum deposit at a Bitcoin casino.

How do you gamble with Bitcoin?

In your Bitcoin wallet, enter the amount you wish to transfer to your casino account along with the casino receiving address.

Do all casinos accept Bitcoin?

Some online casinos do not work with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Check their payment section or FAQ to make sure they focus on cryptocurrencies.

Which Online Casinos Accept Bitcoins?

There are numerous Bitcoin-friendly gambling sites available. Always check the FAQ and payment sections of the website to see if it accepts Bitcoins.

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