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Are you looking for the best free spins in a Bitcoin Casino or another Crypto gambling site? No problem, we've written a huge review and guide so you can cash out the best free spins.
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Check out our ultimate guide to the Best Crypto Casino Sites that offer BTC Free Spins with low wagering requirements!

Thanks to the creation of cryptocurrencies, online casinos have adopted a new approach to offering bonuses, and Bitcoin free spins have already become a new trend in most BTC casinos. Free spins are a type of bonus where users can make spins on their favorite slots without betting real money.

  • These free BTC spins can be rewarded when you make the first deposit after creating an account at a BTC casino. Some of them are even more generous and can offer free spins without even investing any money.
  • Here we have compiled a list of BTC casinos with the best free spins for Bitcoin. They enjoy huge popularity among players. Don't miss your chance – visit these casinos now and claim your BTC free spins bonus with the lowest wagering requirements right away.

Best Bitcoin Casino With Free Spins (April 2022)

Are you looking for free spins at one of the countless crypto casinos available on the internet? Good choice as there are many options available and some of the free spins bonuses are fantastic to start with. Before we dive deeper into types of deposits and wagering requirements, let's define what such offers are all about.

What is a free spins bonus at Crypto Casinos?

A free spins offer at a Bitcoin casino is a form of marketing where players get the chance to play a number of online slots for free. They are generally handed out to attract new people to the game or as part of a loyalty program designed to encourage regular players.

Free spins with no deposit requirements

While some casinos offer free spins on registration with no deposit requirements, they usually require you to make an initial investment when you sign up before taking advantage of such offers.

Deposit and wagering requirements

We'll go into more detail about the typical deposit and wagering requirements later on, but for now it's worth remembering that there are terms and conditions you need to meet with such promotions. This usually means that you can only take advantage of such offers on certain slot games and pre-set wagering amounts and wagering requirements must be met in order to use free spins on those slots.

The number of free spins can differ per casino

The amounts given vary from promotion to promotion, but you will usually get between 10 and 100 Bitcoin casino free spins at designated slot machines. Casino offers usually give you 25 or 50 spins as part of their welcome bonus.

How do free spin offers work?

It is a fairly simple procedure in most cases. You just need to sign up, find out what free slots are available, maybe use a bonus code or make a first deposit, and you're good to go. Before you can take advantage of your Bitcoin casino's free spins offer, you usually have to meet a series of criteria.

Look for suitable games and time limits with free spins

One of the first things to look for when choosing a free bonus is which slot games it applies to and how long it lasts. Only certain online slots are free to play with these types of offers so make sure you play the right slot game to take advantage of them.

Free spins with a short activation time

These bonuses, on the other hand, generally have very short activation periods to encourage players to use them as soon as possible.

  • Bitcoin free spins are activated once a player meets their activation criteria (such as depositing a certain amount, signing up for an account, entering a secret code, etc.) and must be used within seven days.
  • In addition to deadlines and minimum deposit requirements, most such offers contain rather strict wagering requirements. Later we will discuss them in more detail in this guide.

Free spins with bonus code

Upon registration (welcome bonus) or through your account dashboard (ongoing/seasonal/VIP/special offers), you can enter these sequences at any online casino that offers free spins. The codes themselves are usually available in the bonus section of a gambling website or on a review site like ours.

Deposit Requirements for Free Bitcoin Casino Spins

We will come back to this later when we discuss the types of free spins, but it is important to know that most Bitcoin casinos do not offer free slots games without a deposit required.

The number of free spins you can receive is based on the amount you deposit. When we talk about welcome bonuses, the minimum amounts to invest as your first deposit are usually the ones that count, while ongoing Bitcoin casino free spins promotions generally require a specific investment per transaction, day, week or month before they can run. are used

The best online casino offers are without a doubt the ones that don't require a deposit, but these are rare and usually come with a whole host of other requirements.

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins

Wagering requirements are at the heart of any free spin offer, the subtext that most people overlook but should pay attention to. In order to actually use your bonus money or Bitcoin casino free spins, you have to wager a certain amount on each individual game.

Requirement for rollover or playthrough

Wagering requirements are the rules that a casino establishes and that you must comply with in order to withdraw your winnings. Depending on whether it's slot spins or matched deposit bonuses, a wagering requirement is slightly different. You have to wager the money you earn from it a certain number of times with slot machine spins.

Casinos rarely give you real money as a reward

The no deposit spins are not literal cash payments but rather virtual funds or slot spins that you have to wager/play to get a real money payout.

  • Wagering requirements can quickly add up to a significant amount out of your pocket when it comes to deposit bonuses. The industry standard wagering requirement is 40x, although numbers as low as 30x and as high as 60x are not uncommon.
  • Let's see what would happen if you tried to cash out $400. If you won $ 10 (either via Bitcoin casino free spins or a matching deposit bonus) and had a wagering requirement of 40x, you would have to play $ 400 to withdraw your winnings. That doesn't mean you'll lose all your money – it just means you'll have to keep playing for a while before you can actually access it.

Payout Limits

When talking about wagering requirements, it is also important to mention payout limits. This is the maximum amount you can withdraw from your account, regardless of how much you have won.

There are also other complications to consider. Some online casino bonuses that require low initial deposits will often ask you to wager multiples of both the bonus and your first deposit. Conversely, bonus spins that are not tied to a deposit amount can have not only wagering requirements but also a limitation on the total winnings you can achieve.

Different types of free casino spins

Not all free spin offers are created equal, but they generally contain similar ideas. The differences lie in whether or not you make a deposit and whether you can win extra slot spins, wagering money or both. While these may seem like minor differences at first glance, they can make a big difference in whether you can really take advantage of a promotion.

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins with a Deposit Bonus

The most common type of bonus you will come across is a bonus that is tied to your original deposit bonus. These usually give free slots on specific machines, either as a standalone reward or as part of a matched deposit promotion. Anyway, campaigns like this always require a real money investment, and you can't play.

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins without Deposit Bonus

The option you've been waiting for, the alternative to the ones mentioned above, these kinds of incentives don't require any real money investment to try some free online slots. By asking minimum deposits to play in general or by simply adding strict wagering requirements to make it difficult to claim the offer and make some money, casinos often get around this.

Bitcoin Casino Promotional Spins and VIP Rewards

Free spins are a type of bonus round in which the player gets free credits or money for certain actions. Regular players and VIP members are offered different versions as described above. They can be divided into two categories: less spectacular offers that run on a fixed daily, weekly or monthly schedule and are open to all players.

Most of these types of free online casino bonuses and incentives work in the same way as the ones we discussed earlier. Some require opt-in forms that are common with cash deposits, while others may require certain conditions.

  • Weekly and even daily free spins can bring good results, but they rarely compare to more unusual offers given all year round.
  • Normally, rare special events and VIP invite deals offer the lowest wagering requirements and the highest potential to win big, but these require a proven track record and a lot of money already spent at the casino.

Bitcoin Casino Play Money Spins

It is not always advertised openly, but many casinos offer their customers the chance to play free slots with fake money to get a feel for the game before making a deposit. To take advantage of this no deposit free spins casino, you don't even need to register before playing very often.

Spins with no wagering requirement

Finally we come to the mythical white unicorn of unlimited free slots: unlimited no obligation spins. In the online casino industry, this kind of deal is understandable because it practically does not exist, but you can occasionally come across it as part of an operator's VIP bonus for serious players, or when a new provider is trying to make its casino more popular .

Even if you come across it, it will be difficult to win real money without deposit. Unless it is a premium VIP benefit, such an offer is likely to have many terms and conditions, including a low cap on the potential winnings.

Tips for choosing the best free spin bonuses

The slots and other bonus casino bonuses work, let's run through some recommendations to make sure you get the best alternatives available. Here are some of our top tips for selecting the best slots and free spins while avoiding getting scammed.

1. Always choose a reputable and trusted casino

It is a good idea that we are all tempted by new and attractive looking online casino offers with free slot machines and other benefits. While we're not suggesting that you avoid going out and trying a casino that piques your interest, sticking to reputable industry names is good practice for several reasons. One of the most important of these is that these casinos have a proven track record of fair bonus terms and the necessary casino licenses to operate legally.

2.Know your wagering requirements

As we have already discussed, most slot machine bonuses have a minimum wagering requirement. Always keep in mind that anything above 40x is considered practically unbeatable, while anything below 30x is a steal. Don't expect to see much of it though, as most companies prefer regular deals with wagering requirements of 40x or higher. For example, a 50x wagering requirement means that you must wager the equivalent of 50 times the bonus amount before any winnings can be withdrawn.

3.Beware of time limits

The other important condition to which all bonuses are attached is a time limit. This is usually between 7 and 30 days, although there may be longer term offers. This is the chance in which you must meet the wagering requirements and cash out any winnings. After this period has expired, the bonus and any associated winnings will be voided.

4.Choose bonuses with lower minimum deposit amounts

The best casino bonuses are usually those with low minimum deposit requirements. This is because it allows players to get more bang for their buck and increases the chance that they will actually be able to withdraw any winnings. For example, a $ 10 bonus with a 40x wagering requirement has a $ 400 play-through, which is much easier to achieve than a $ 100 bonus with the same requirements.

5.Play the eligible games that trigger your free spins

This is a good idea, but you'd be surprised how many people overlook it. Let's assume your bonus gives you 50 free spins Gonzo's Quest, Book of the Dead or Starburst. You must ensure that the above slots are used in order to take advantage of this offer. The eligible games for each promotion may always be listed with the offer.

6.Check the free spin value and max win

This is a more difficult approach and one that casinos use to attract new players with attractive sounding offers on paper. Of course, a bargain that looks great can be fake.

  • Remember how we said searching for no deposit free spins was hard? That's because casinos would give things away for nothing and technically lose money just by offering things for free.
  • Because of this, they either set a maximum value for each free spin (usually $ 0.10; anything less is a bad deal) or the total amount you can win (these vary considerably between casinos). It's usually better to avoid establishments that have overly strict restrictions on your earnings, but keep in mind that you can't have everything

7.Know what rewards the free spins will bring you

Aside from the real money they can offer if you can meet the often hefty wagering requirements, some casinos will try to replace them with extra free spins or try other underhanded tactics. Always make sure to play for real cash prizes. And while we're on the subject, be careful about how long your casino will accept payouts so that you can actually transfer the winnings.

Can you win with complementary free spins?

Yes that is allowed. Any decent casino will give you the chance to win something when you play free roulette spins or free Vegas slots. Be aware of the wagering restrictions and make sure to use your bonuses as soon as possible.

Are free spins offers really free?

That depends on whether or not they are linked to a deposit. You can occasionally come across really free offers with no strings attached, but they usually have low win thresholds and other restrictions.

  • That said, even if they are linked to a deposit, you will technically receive free spins as a free bonus. After all, your deposit may be dependent on meeting certain wagering requirements, which are generally lenient than those of no deposit bonuses.
  • In short, free spin offers are well worth it, as long as you don't mind placing a few bets. Remember to check the terms and conditions before accepting any promotional offer.

Is it worth looking for free spins deals?

It is well worth it, even if many of them contain complex criteria that you must meet before withdrawing money. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know exactly what you are getting and whether the offer being offered is truly free.

Can Free Spins be used in any game?

Everyone wants free slots with free spins, but casinos would be wise to avoid offering free spins. Usually, these types of promotions are limited to one to three different slot games specially selected for this purpose. Always check the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully so that you know which games are included.

Can I win real money with Bitcoin casino free spins?

Yes, this is generally the goal. Always make sure to choose casinos that do not offer copout deals, such as earning extra spins through your bonus spins. Also keep an eye on the terms and conditions of the deal: you need to know exactly which games are allowed, what their maximum payouts are, how much wager is required, and so on.

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